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Hobart Gardens – Design Build

Design Build, Renovation
Screen-Shot-2021-11-02-at-4.00.27-PM Screen-Shot-2021-11-02-at-4.01.05-PM Screen-Shot-2021-11-02-at-4.01.17-PM Screen-Shot-2021-11-02-at-4.02.02-PM Screen-Shot-2021-11-02-at-4.02.34-PM Screen-Shot-2021-11-02-at-4.03.32-PM Screen-Shot-2021-11-02-at-4.03.47-PM Screen-Shot-2021-11-02-at-4.04.08-PM

Adhor Lane

Commercial, Design Build
Adhorlane22 Adhorlane5 Adhorlane3 AdhorLane1 adhor2-scaled Adhor1-scaled Camarillo3sm-scaled Camarillo-Warehouse_1sm-scaled Camarillo-Warehouse_2sm-scaled Camarillo-Warehouse_4sm-scaled Camarillo-Warehouse_5sm-scaled Adhorlane6…

Delaney Park

Concepts, Design Build, Parks
Delaney-Park-2-scaled Delaney-Park-3-scaled Delaney-Park-4 Delaney-Park-61-1 Delaney-Park-6a-1 delaneyConstruction-Details-L-CD.02-scaled delaneyConstruction-Details-L-CD.06-scaled DelaneyPark-LMD-LS-Concept-Sheet-1-scaled

Broadway Lofts

2 3 4 5


Design Build
DeWars-043 DeWars-020

Williams Courtyard

Concepts, On the Boards
Williams-13 Williams-14 Williams-15 Williams-16 Williams-17 Williams-18 Williams-19

SJS Active Adult

Concepts, On the Boards
St_Johns-38 St_Johns-39 St_Johns-41 St_Johns-42 St_Johns-43 St_Johns-44 St_Johns-45 St_Johns-46 St_Johns-47 St_Johns-48 St_Johns-49 St_Johns-50…

The Fountain

Concepts, On the Boards
Fountain-06 Fountain-07 Fountain-08 Williams-11 Fountain-02 Fountain-04 Fountain-05

Crisis Center

Concepts, On the Boards

Limoneira Apartments

On the Boards
Limoneira-Apts02 Limoneira-Apts03 Limoneira-Apts04 Limoneira-Apts05 Limoneira-Apts06 Limoneira-Apts07

Lancaster Park Concepts

Concepts, On the Boards
02-Park-2 02-Park-3 03-Park 03-Park2 04-Park 04-Park2 05-Large-Paseo2 05-Large-Paseo3 06-Paseo 07-Entry-2 07-Entry


Concepts, On the Boards
Roundabout-03 Roundabout-04 Roundabout-05 Roundabout-06

All Locked Up

Concepts, On the Boards
All-Locked-Up-04 All-Locked-Up-05 All-Locked-Up-06 All-Locked-Up-07 All-Locked-Up-02 All-Locked-Up-03

67th Street Park Conceptual

Concepts, On the Boards, Parks
2017-08-02-Scene_01 2017-08-02-Scene_02 2017-08-02-Scene_03 2017-08-02-Scene_04 2017-08-02-Scene_05 2017-08-02-Scene_06 2017-08-02-Scene_07 2017-08-02-Scene_09 2017-08-02-Scene_10 scene-1 Scene-2 Scene-4…

Harvest Park

Design Build, Parks
harvestmap4 harvestmap1 HarvestMap Harvest Park - Santa Paula

Residential designs

Design Build
IMGP1878 IMGP1893 miller-047 sherwood Johnston-FULL-32 Johnston-FULL-33 Johnston-FULL-34 Johnston-FULL-37 LDI-2075 MILLER6 Screen-Shot-2020-02-24-at-4.36.43-PM Screen-Shot-2020-02-24-at-4.37.02-PM…

Westmont at Cypress

Concepts, Mixed-Use, Multi Family
17-032-Entry-View-05.15.2018 17-032-Courtyard-View-05.15.2018 17-032-Katella-View-05.15.2018 Westmont-at-Cypress_Landsape-Concept_18.7.31 Screen-Shot-2022-01-26-at-2.47.34-PM Screen-Shot-2022-01-26-at-2.47.55-PM Screen-Shot-2022-01-26-at-2.48.05-PM Screen-Shot-2022-01-26-at-3.01.42-PM Project PDF Westmont at…

The Groves

Concepts, Multi Family
spa-view pool-view

Magnolia & Broadway

Concepts, Mixed-Use, Podium
MB-Skydeck-View1-190528 MB-Skydeck-View3-190528 MB-Skydeck-View2-190528 Project PDFs M&B_Living Green Wall_Exhibit


Multi Family, On the Boards
SDC11779 SDC11778 SDC11774 SDC11770 SDC11768 SDC11762 SDC11758 SDC11754 SDC11173 SDC11147

Broadway Lofts

20131030_113418 20131030_113010 20131030_112923 20131030_112845 20131030_112823 20131030_112633 20131030_112459 20131030_112441 20131030_112309 20130306_092215


Design Build

Limoneira Sports Park

Concepts, On the Boards, Parks
Harvest-Sports-Park_3-Photo Harvest-Sports-Park_14-Photo Harvest-Sports-Park_16-Photo LDI-EAI-SPORTS-COMPLEX-B1-Plan

Saint John’s

Concepts, On the Boards, Parks
St_Johns-50 St_Johns-53 St_Johns-49 St_Johns-47 St_Johns-46 St_Johns-48 St_Johns-43

Culver city

Concepts, Mixed-Use, Podium
1 1_2-Photo 1_3-Photo 1_4-Photo 1_5-Photo 1_6-Photo 1_7-Photo 1_8-Photo 1_9-Photo 1_10-Photo a_15-Photo In-building-shot…

Alta Warner

Mixed-Use, Multi Family

Podium & Mixed Use Design

Mixed-Use, Podium
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Canyon Hills Park Concepts

Concepts, On the Boards, Parks
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